Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rock On:~ charged up the floor

A new way of thinking has emerged through the hands of Abhishek Kapoor. This director along with the script writer Javed Akhtar has created something that looks to be original in today’s film industry. Even this can allure some of the Hollywood directors to think about the script and start making some movies based on this story. The overall casting has been too good. Farhan Akhtar plays the lead in the story apparently from the other three. All of the four friends have done a great job in the movie. Other three are heart throb Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli and Luke Kenny. They form the great rock band called Magic from their perspective.

The story starts with a musical note featuring all four in the song “Asmaan hai neela”. They story goes on. It is somewhat designed like push-pop operation. It goes back to past and comes to present in a matter of time. After the formation of the band, they win a music competition in which Farhan Akhtar, Aditya Shreof I the movie sang the song “Pichle saat dino me” which has been among the top songs in recent times. After their win, they are told to do a album featuring all of them. Here the band broke due to more concentration on Aditya. Kedar Zaveri, more popularly known as KD(Killer drummer) goes back to his family business. Joe, the lead guitarist, stays to the same stage with her girlfriend Debbie played by Shana Goswami. Adi moves on in his life from a succesful rap singer of collage to an executive of multinational investment company. Later on he is married to Sakshi played by Prachi Desai. But Rob, played by Luke can’t change himself and remains in the same field. Some sudden and unexpected things opened up Adi in his later life thanks to his wife. From then on they start a new journey of music. And they go on to win the ultimate goal of their life of setting up a music school. And they happily lived ever after. But all these happened due to the cancer of Rob.

Music of this movie is incredible. Javed Akhtar rocks at this age also. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy created too good a music to make a justice of those lovely songs. Out of all the songs, “Yeh tumhari meri baaten” was the best one arguably with “Tum ho to”. This musical mist is sure to rock the lives of many people.



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